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You’ve looked over the website and think you’ve got Taiwan down cold.  Ready for a brief pop quiz?  Let’s see how good you really are!

Q.1 Approximately how many people live on Taiwan?
12 million 23 million  32 million

Q.2 Approximately how many people live in the capital?
1 million 2.3 million 3 million

Q.3 How many major aboriginal tribes live on Taiwan?
6 8 12

Q.4 Taiwan has how many national parks?
3 6 7

Q.5 How many mountain ranges are on Taiwan?
2 8

Q.6 Taiwan’s national flower is the:
Plum Blossom Cherry Blossom Chrysanthemum

Q.7 Taiwan has a High Speed Railway (HSR).
Yes No

Q.8 Stinky tofu is a:
Cure for the common cold Hot new Taiwan rock band Popular local delicacy

Q.9 What is the former name of Yangming Mountain?
Cow Mountain Grass Mountain Old Taiwan Mountain

Q.10 Which temple was built in 1661 and is said to be the oldest on Taiwan?
Guandu Temple Xingtian Temple Dumbledor Temple

Q.11 Many garbage trucks on Taiwan blare Beethoven to inform residents that it’s trash collection time.
True False
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